6 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

January 19, 2022

I get it. Hiring a copywriter feels like yet another expense and one more thing to manage.

There are many times when I’ve encountered owners who thought they could do it on their own. They thought they enjoyed writing. They thought they understood their customer well. Unfortunately, all those good intentions fly out the window when the owner runs out of time because they’re juggling all the things.

Here’s the good news – a good copywriter will save you time, money, energy AND give you the chance to focus on your passion and areas of expertise. Hello, stronger business and a happier YOU!

But, I started thinking about this more and realized it would be good to share a little insight from one seasoned copywriter to a business owner…keep reading for six reasons why you should hire a copywriter…like me!

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Copywriter

Let’s face it – we are all uniquely gifted, but we can’t do it all!

YOU are a unique, complex person. How you feel, respond and interact in this world is different from everyone else…including your customer. So, why hire a seasoned copywriter?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Leverage Someone Else’s Expertise. Odds are good you have mastered a skill in your life because you put the time and energy into it. Whether it was bench pressing a higher weight, the art of negotiation or creating art, you didn’t achieve it overnight. Neither did your copywriter. Leveraging a seasoned copywriter’s experience will help you make the most of your time, which would probably be better spent on your personal area of expertise rather than figuring out how to write copy for social media, website or newsletter.

  • Save Time. Speaking of time, yours is precious and it’s the only thing in this life you can’t make more of. So, use it the best you can! As you grow your business, it’s important to outsource certain tasks that are time-consuming and prevent you from focusing on key, revenue-driving activities. A copywriter can take a lot off of your plate.

  • Get Renewed Perspective. When you live and breathe your business, it’s easy to lose sight of how your business is perceived from the outside (i.e. your customer’s perspective). Bringing in a copywriter can provide a renewed perspective because they aren’t as close to your business as you are. Leverage and share your knowledge, but allow a copywriter’s unique perspective and experience to help you connect the dots with your ideal customer. You’ll have a winning formula for success!

  • Push Your Boundaries. It’s GOOD to get uncomfortable – that’s where growth happens! When you sit down to talk about your business with a copywriter, be prepared for a lot of questions. Sometimes, those questions will reveal undefined areas or places where the messaging could be stronger. Clarifying both will only help your business!

  • Find a New Way to Communicate. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your communications. If you’re used to sending a newsletter, keep it going, but be open to a copywriter’s suggestions of pursuing other forms of communication or ways to connect with your ideal customer. You never know who you’re missing by only communicating one way.

  • Help with Clean Up. So you didn’t win the spelling bee growing up…that’s okay! A seasoned copywriter can help you put your best professional foot forward with their polished writing, or simply help polish up yours. And, don’t worry – copywriters have seen it all. We won’t judge!